About Authentic Solutions Lesotho

At Authentic Solutions Lesotho, we pride in being the most genuine solution that is Basotho-oriented. Most of the good services in this country are outsourced, and a few people who have had the chance and courage to go far and wide, have taken it as a good ground to exploit local small-to-medium enterprises. Authentic Solutions Lesotho was born locally to close that gap. We have a wide variety of services including Printing, ICT Support, IT Security, Consultancy as well as skills development.

Authentic Printers is the first to bring public PVC card printing services to small-medium organizations with a delivery period of less than 24hrs. Our PVC Cards cater for Student IDs, Access Control Cards, Corporate Identity, as well as personalized collectables. Besides PVC Card printing, we also offer a wide range of very affordable stationery printing such as printing of A5 flyers on glossy paper for as little as 60 cents, Double Sided business cards for as little as M1.50 which none of the local printers can match. We also print personalized garments such as Caps, T-Shirts, and Bags.

Authentic SecurITies, as the name suggests is our data and information security division. We believe both access to and safe keeping of company and personal information is of paramount importance and must be controlled. We have a lot of options available for for precious information, and we also have rescue measures, should you lose that precious information. Among our services are: ACCESS CONTROL, DATA RECOVERY, REMOTE BACKUP, CLOUD SERVICES, ANTIVIRUS and INTERNET SECURITY Softwares, ACCOUNTING and POS softwares, and much more.

Authentic Skills is our latest offering; It inarguable that every country is struggling with high unemployment rates. The painful part is that governemnts are not changing the way education works. Whatever curriculum, the end result is a job seeker. Authentic Skills aims at creating employment-independent generation. We have identified skills that once the youths are equiped with, they are able to make money from home. #SunBeam is our Skills Development flagship.



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